First, to give credit where credit's due, this idea behind this post is my sister's.

Many people struggle with (day)dreaming and lack of motivation (procrastination).

As you probably know, we dream between 6 and 9 hours every day. What you might have not known is that we spend about 47% of our waking ours daydreaming - imagining our self appearing in some fantasy scenario, having skills, strengths or lifestyle that is in our opinion very hard or impossible to achieve (side note: our dreams tend to repeat themselves; we usually daydream about the same few topics e.g. achieving extraordinary success in business/ sports, having a perfect partner etc.).

The question is, why do we turn some dreams into goals (for me a dream becomes a goal when I start making steps towards realizing it in material world), while we settle for the fantasy scenario in others?

It might be that we try to realize those dreams we deem achievable, while we just keep fantasizing about the ones we deem so far from our abilities or circumstances that we don't want to waste our energy charging in required direction.

Even the most gifted and talented people among us might fall into fantasy/ procrastination trap, if we dream too big. We should dream as big as our abilities and circumstances currently allow us, if we want to achieve success in material world.

Why currently? By achieving some successes our perception of what is achievable rises greatly! The more successes we have the bigger we may dream without falling into the fantasy trap.

Dream small to win big!