March 27th, 2021|

Many people want to be heroes. Only a few get a chance to prove themselves. There are many heroes among us. Most of us just didn't get the chance to shine (yet).

Wisdom from sport

January 16th, 2021|

Doing sports definitely made me wiser. Here are my favorite lessons learned: I set goals and time limits. It is much easier for me to keep pushing when the going gets tough. Repertoire of waking hours when preparing for Ljubljana marathon in 2019. Something I never would have done without being enrolled. There are many ways to reach the top. I always look for alternatives. Often, the direct way is the most obvious, but among the hardest. Breithorn (4.164m, SUI/ ITA); the north face requires great mountaineering skills, more time (even with skills) and is in general much more dangerous. The south face of the same mountain; technically easy, faster than the north face [...]

Why reading?

January 16th, 2021|

I am an avid reader. A few months ago I stumbled upon Quantum Bayesianism (QM) and accepted its conclusions as the most accurate explanations of the base reality (or lack thereof). In short, according to QB, what we perceive as reality are our expectations of reality. In reality there is no reality. I further believe in a subset of QB pursuant to which what we perceive as reality is a compromise between all conscious creatures on what what reality should look like. This made me wondering: If there's no reality, why even bother reading books that explain the reality (physics, psychology etc.)? First, I still perceive reality or at least what I deem real. Hence, there are two reasons [...]

Speculating is not believing in your abilities

January 16th, 2021|

It seems that COVID pandemic created nice conditions for the speculation on financial markets to flourish. I understand the allure of making money without any work, but the benefits never managed to outweigh reservations I hold against speculating in any form (gabling, lottery, financial instruments). Here they are: Non-repeatability of gain (if made). Gain is product of circumstances that I can neither affect nor predict (in short - luck). Non-repeatable event's don't improve my belief that my wealth will further increase in the future. This has two consequences: Because belief in increase of my future wealth is large predictor of my happiness today, such one-time gain wouldn't make me any happier (after the initial excitement subdues). Because improved lifestyle [...]

Wealth and happiness (and expectations)

January 16th, 2021|

I believe that all people strive to increase wealth for two reasons; It gives us sense of meaning and direction. It is a metric easy to measure. Sure, other things are very important for our happiness, but we can't measure them (state of friendship, love, knowing what to live for). (On this note: If you immerse in philosophy you will probably realize the utter meaninglessness of it all. If you do it is hard to fight the suffering. So if you wish to live, you have to come up with a superficial goal that you are willing strive for and not blow your brains out. Nowadays they fancy call it finding a life purpose.) It improves our social status [...]